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Welcome to Ringgold Youth Soccer


Adopted 4-14-2009







This Association shall be known as Ringgold Area Youth Soccer Association (hereafter referred to as RAYSA or the Association).  The geographical territory designated as RAYSA shall consist of the City of Monongahela, the Boroughs of Finleyville, and New Eagle and the Townships of Carroll, Nottingham, and Union. 



The purpose for which RAYSA is organized is to develop players at all levels, recreational, travel, and premier by building and improving their confidence, skills, initiative, fitness and sense of teamwork. RAYSA is committed to developing coaches to the highest level through a quality training program. RAYSA will promote and encourage the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play. 



RAYSA shall be a member of the Pennsylvania West Soccer Association. (hereafter known as PA West).  The members of RAYSA will abide by the articles, bylaws, policies and requirements of the PA West. 


Club Composition

The club shall be open to all local soccer bodies operating within the geographic territory known as RAYSA, who meet the membership requirements outlined in the Bylaws of RAYSA.  RAYSA will not discriminate against any group or individual on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin. 



The Constitution of RAYSA may be amended, in whole or in part, by a majority vote of those present at an Annual General Meeting. 


 Chapter 1:  Membership and Meetings 

1.1  The composition of of RAYSA is open to any youth soccer organization within its territory, and is obtained by meeting the registration and membership requirements set forth by RAYSA and the Pennsylvania West Soccer Association. (PA West)

1.2  Membership in RAYSA is defined as:

(A)   Elected Officers

(B)   Appointed Officers

(C)   Coaches and Assistant Coaches

(D)  Parents / Guardians of Players

(E)   Players

1:3  Members with voting privileges will receive one (1) vote per registered player. Members with voting      

        privileges in  General Meetings are defined as:

(A)   Elected Officers

(B)   Appointed Officers

(C)   Coaches and Assistant Coaches

(D)  Parents / Guardians of Players

1:4  RAYSA will hold the following meetings:

(A)   General Meeting – 2 per year

(B)   Board Meeting – minimum of 4 per year

(C)   Special Meetings or Committee Meetings – as necessary


Chapter 2:  Organizational Structure

2.1   The Board of Directors of RAYSA shall consist of the following officers: President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board will also be made up of the Registrar, the President of each member community, the Vice President of Development, the Vice President of Travel, Public Information Director, Procurement Director, Referee Coordinator, and a Member-at-Large from each member community.

2.2   All Officer positions shall be for a period of two years and will be elected at the Annual General Meeting following the Spring Season.  The President and Secretary will be elected in even numbered years and Executive Vice President and Treasurer being elected in odd numbered years. The Registrar position shall be for a period of two years, and will be elected in even numbered years. The Presidents and Members at Large from the member communities will be elected by the governing boards of those communities.  All remaining positions will be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

2.3   The President shall:

            a. Preside at all Association meetings.

            b. Represent RAYSA at all meetings requiring the official presence of the Association.

            c. Appoint committees as necessary.

            d. Co-sign Association checks.

2.4   The Executive Vice President shall:

            a. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

            b. Assist the President in coordinating the activities of all Board Members.

            c. Co-sign Association checks.

2.5   The Secretary shall:

            a. Keep accurate minutes of all RAYSA meetings.

            b. Provide a copy of the minutes to each Board Member in a timely fashion.

            c. Be responsible for securing and maintaining the records of RAYSA.

2.6   The Treasurer shall:

a. Be responsible for the collection of all fees, dues, or other approved funding due to the Association.

b. Be responsible for the payment of all bills approved by the Board of Directors.

c. Keep accurate records of all accounts.

d. Prepare and submit a detailed financial report at each Board meeting.

e. Prepare a yearly budget based on input from all Board Members.

f. Be bonded at the expense of the Association.


2.7   The Registrar shall:

a. Be responsible for meeting all requirements for the registration of RAYSA players.

b. Organize player registration information into a database, and assist in the forming of In-house and Travel teams.

c. Maintain copies of birth certificates for all players.

d. Maintain risk management information for the Association.


2.8   The Vice President Development shall:

            a. Develop and implement policies and procedures that will improve the operation of the Association.


2.9   The Vice Presidents Finleyville, Monongahela, and New Eagle shall:

            a. Represent their respective communities at meetings of the Association.

            b. Review all current rules and regulations with In-House coaches.            

             c. Roster in-house teams within their community.

             d. Work collaboratively to schedule In-house games each season

             e. Collaborate with Vice President of Development to address player and coach development needs.


2.10 The Vice President Travel shall:

            a. Coordinate all travel teams in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

            b. Coordinate travel team practice schedules.

            c. Communicate information needed by travel coaches on a regular basis.

            d. Organize player evaluations each spring season as needed.

            e. Preside over the formation of travel teams

             f.  Present equipment needs to the Board for approval.


2.11 The Public Information Director shall:

            a. Communicate all necessary information to members of the Association in a timely manner.

            b. Maintain the Association website.


2.12 The Procurement Director shall:

            a. Order all uniforms and organize them as directed by the Board.

            b. Coordinate the advertising and sale of spirit wear.


2.13   The Referee Coordinator shall:

            a. Recruit referees for the In-House and Travel programs.

            b. Review all current rules and regulations with referees.

            c. Coordinate the training of Club Referees for the In-House program.

            d. Coordinate Travel and In-House pay schedules with the Treasurer.

            e. Coordinate referee assignments for all Travel and In-House games with the Referee Assignor.


2.14   The Members At Large Finleyville, Monongahela, and New Eagle shall:

            a. Represent the membership of their respective communities to the Board of the Association.


2.15  Each member of the Board of Directors shall have one vote except the President who shall vote only in

          to make or break a tie.


2.16   A quorum shall be a majority of the total members of the Board of Directors.


2.17   The Board of Directors shall meet at least four times yearly.


2.18   Roberts’ Rules of Order shall be deemed to be adopted at all meetings of the Association.


2.19   Any person who is a member in good standing in RAYSA or a Member Community shall be eligible to

           run for an Officer position in the Association except the President of a Member Community.


2:20  Nominations for elected positions will be taken one month prior to the Spring General Meeting.


Chapter 3:  Appeals, Grievances and Disputes


3.1   RAYSA provides equitable and prompt hearing and appeal procedures to guarantee the rights of individuals to participate and compete, including grievances involving the right to participate and compete in activities sponsored by RAYSA and PA West.          

3.2   In all hearings conducted by RAYSA, the parties shall be accorded:     

a. Notice of the charges or alleged violations in writing and possible consequences if the charges are found to be true.

b. Reasonable time between receipt of the notice of charges and the hearing within which to prepare a defense

c. The right to have the hearing conducted at a reasonably convenient time and place so as to make it practicable for the person/entity charged to attend.

d. A hearing before an impartial body of fact finders. All disciplinary actions, grievances, disputes and appeals shall be heard by a board of no less than three member officers from one of the member communities compromising RAYSA.

e. The right to be assisted in the presentation of one’s case at the hearing.

d. The right to present witnesses, evidence, and argument.

e. The right to be advised of the identity of the evidence the hearing Board/Committee has been given and the right to confront witnesses if called at the hearing.

f. The right to have a record made of the hearing if desired; the expense is to be borne by the party requesting the record and arrangements must be to the satisfaction of the hearing Board/Committee.

g. A written decision issued in a timely fashion, with reasons for the decision, based upon the evidence.

3.3   Any grievance, dispute, or appeal shall be submitted in written form to the Member Community within 48 hours. Email is an acceptable form of submission. If a resolution cannot be reached before the next scheduled match, the matter shall be forwarded to RAYSA for appropriate action(s).

3.4   Any appeal of a community decision must first go to RAYSA. IF a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, the matter can be taken to PA West.

3.5   No member, official, league, club, team, player, coach, administrator or referee may invoke the aid of the courts of the Commonwealth or United States without first exhausting all available remedies within RAYSA, PaWest and USSF. This bylaw does not apply to the commencement of an arbitration proceeding under these bylaws or the USOC Constitution and Bylaws or the enforcement of a decision rendered in such a proceeding.


Chapter 4:  Fees

4.1   The Board of Directors shall set all fees for RAYSA in conjunction with the budget.

4.2  The RAYSA Board of Directors shall be responsible for the collection of all fees owed to RAYSA, and PA West.

4.3   No player or team will be permitted to take part in a RAYSA, or PA West activity without the payment of all fees.


Chapter 5:  Risk Management

5.1   All coaches and administrators must complete a PA West approved background check, and adhere to any other Risk Management policies and procedures that may be adopted by RAYSA, or PA West.


Chapter 6:  Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

6.1   Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and tobacco products are prohibited on or near any field being used by any RAYSA team.  Parking lots are also off limits.


Chapter 7:   Playing Rules

8.1   All rules governed by the USSF shall be adhered to with exception to the rule adaptations directed by PA West and/or RAYSA.


Chapter 8:  Amendment

8.1  The Bylaws of the Association may be amended, in whole or in part, by a majority vote of the elected

        Board Members at any regularly scheduled meeting.

8.2   The By-Laws should be reviewed at least once every two years.  

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